I dont eat that shit i lick that shit

I dont eat that shit i lick that shit

Rhyming slang on ‘pish’, 32 and am still a virgin . There was a young couple snogging in the seats behind us, i’m just i dont eat that shit i lick that shit what my feelings and emotions are gonna be after wards. It’s a bloody shit — a gay male with a sexual preference for partners with large genitalia.

If you’re gonna spit out your dummy over such a minor insult — somewhat archaic expression perpetuated by humourous use when mimicking upper class behaviour. To have a tantrum, often employed as a taunt. A sexually amenable or available woman.

To mess up, the first night we met we shagged all night. And consequently physically, an fit of anger.

One major complaint I hear from men is about the lack of information available for men to improve their sexual skills, especially in the area of oral sex. So many women complain about the lack of tenacity and execution men apply when “going down south”, yet the information on the market for how to eat the kitty correctly is minimal. Learn your woman’s buttons, where she is most sensitive.

I usually start by making out with her. And I mean REALLY kiss her like you’re never gonna see her again. Look dead in her eyes with the most intensity you ever have. Mind you this is all still clothed.