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Julian is an American expatriate who, along with his older brother Billy, runs a Muay Thai club in Bangkok, Thailand as a front for drug dealing. Billy rapes and kills an underage prostitute and is cornered by Thai police. Lieutenant Chang allows the girl’s father, Choi Yan Lee, to beat Billy to death in the same room Billy killed the girl.

Upon discovering his brother has been murdered, Julian and his crew go to Choi’s kiosk to confront him. He decides to spare Choi’s life after hearing about Chang’s involvement.

When Julian’s mother, Crystal, arrives in Bangkok, she demands that he find and kill the men responsible for Billy’s death. Julian refuses, believing Choi was justified in avenging the death of his daughter, infuriating Crystal. After having Choi killed, Crystal learns of Chang’s involvement. The following day the police arrive at Julian’s club investigating Choi’s murder, but Chang concludes that Julian is not the killer. Julian recognises Chang from his visions and follows him from the boxing club, but Chang seems to disappear into thin air.