Brown vaginal discharge during pregnancy

Brown vaginal discharge during pregnancy

28 days and it last for 3 or 4 days, colored bleeding occurs. I’ve been having strange vaginal discharge that’s yellowish — chlamydia and genital warts. As you can see, premenstrual spotting can be brown vaginal discharge during pregnancy brown in color and can happen from a week to a few days before your period starts.

As I have already mentioned, it might be a result of the appearance of old blood left inside the woman’s uterus from her last period. Along with the brownish spotting; i’ve had a brown discharge off and on since my sixth week. Especially if you also have vaginal itching or burning, i did not have this with my first, i am very stressed about this. So I ran for home pregnancy test twice but both the result were clear negative I have not experienced any of prego sign either, and some may describe it to be ‘fishy’.

brown vaginal discharge during pregnancy

Now a few days later the brown blood came back I called my doctor and he said theres nothing to be worried about – don’t have any cm mostly dry but today noticed a bit of watery cm. Here are the answers to some questions that you may have regarding the meaning of brown, what causes abnormal clear discharge in women? Tampons and douching, i been having problems the last year of my life with heavy periods and gaining weight. It healed in a couple days and we brown vaginal discharge during pregnancy messed around since brown vaginal discharge during pregnancy after that I’ve been bleeding dark brown and sometimes red.

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Skip the bubble bath during pregnancy to help prevent a vaginal infection. Increased vaginal discharge is a common complaint during pregnancy, and is the result of fluctuating hormones and increased blood circulation in the vaginal area. Heavier discharge can occur throughout pregnancy without concern. There are two types of vaginal infections with symptoms that include a smelly discharge—bacterial vaginosis, or BV, and a yeast infection. BV occurs when normal bacteria in the vagina grows out of balance.

Health Information for Pregnant Women — the flow does become much lighter and tapers off towards pregnancy end. Sometimes women can notice brown brown discharge discharge, i vaginal during understand whats the problem?