Binary fission mitosis a sexual

Binary fission mitosis a sexual

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binary fission mitosis a sexual

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A form of cell division that reduces the chromosome count from diploid to haploid to form gametes. A phase of meiosis in which chromosomes condense, nuclear envelope breaks down, and homologous chromosomes pair up. The process in which portions of homologous chromosomes are broken and exchanged with the corresponding portions of a chromatid of the other homologous chromosome. The event during prophase I in which chromosomes come together and intertwine providing the opportunity for crossing-over to occur. A phase of meiosis when pairs of homologous chromosomes line up along the equator of the cell.

The name associated with a pair of homologous chromosomes that together have 4 chromatids. A phase in meiosis in which centromeres do not divide, and homologous chromosomes separate and move to opposite sides of the cell. A phase in meiosis in which individual chromosomes gather at each end of the poles and is followed by cytokinesis.