Alcohol an ass hell yeah

Alcohol an ass hell yeah

  • September 30, 2018
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The majority of you who are sure you do not have a drinking problem would walk into a drug and alcohol evaluation confident that your honesty would yield a passing result. Four things you need to know before taking the test. I would advise you not to walk in there like a nun, If your there for a DUI or MIP you’ve obviously not had enough self control to avoid that.

Proclaiming that you never drink nor do drugs for no particular reason will cause suspicion, and will be taken into consideration by the counselor. Second, as hard as it may be for your conscience, you have to throw honesty out the door, you do not get bonus points for honest. When the evaluation is over, the counselor wont be the one to fully decide whether or not you passed. The checklist that he’s been scoring on will tell him if you’ve passed or not.